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Personalized nutrition for your body, age, and activity level.

Dietitian writing diet plan, view from above on the table with different healthy products and drawings on the topic of healthy eating

What’s important, a good workout or a nutritious meal?

They go hand in hand for a greater impact. It would definitely be nutrition if I had to choose one.

Food can affect how you think and feel about yourself because ‘’You are what you eat.’’

Your mind and body health can improve without a workout but not without nutrition. There is no self-love greater than fueling your body with the right foods. Leaving your mind, body, and soul energized and satisfied.

Food has healing powers! You can cure autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances, stress eating disorders, and PCOS.

Proper nutrition is a therapy that can mend your relationship with food. My Revolution nutrition program has inspired men and women to get in the best shape of their life.

You can be next.

What's Included

Mantahaa’s method of corporate wellness is strategically designed to prevent long-term illnesses, achieve your fitness goals, boost confidence, and stay youthful longer.

Assessment to understand your body and mind

This is the time when I and my team get to know you better. We look into your medical history, sleeping patterns, and eating habits. An open discussion to discuss any stress or anxiety you feel. This is to help you overcome any obstacles that might affect your fitness journey.

A customized nutrition plan that fits your goals and lifestyle.

You are what you eat! Nutrition is important to build muscle and keep you energized. You’ll get diet plans with exquisite recipes to fuel your body and mind to keep cravings away. All meals taste great and are a combination of food groups that keep you full, satisfied, and energized 24/7. You learn what, how, and when to eat for a greater impact.

Monitoring progress and unconditional support

With your body moving and on the best nutrition, my team and I track your progress. Micro and macro assessments every fifteen days keep you on track. My team and I provide unconditional support and don’t rush your progress. All bodies react and transform at their own pace. Our clients know the amazing feeling when they see the results.

Roadmap to holistic wellness and keeping off weight forever.

Being in the best health and feeling good about it should be the lifestyle and not a short-term approach. You learn the concept of the ”Holistic Wellness” approach. A journey to healing your mind, body, and soul.

Hear from clients who have transformed their bodies and lives with our Coaching Program

“Amazing classes! My bones don’t hurt anymore and I’m losing weight fast.”

– Farhana Milwala

“Mantahaa is amazing! I’ve lost 15kgs in 2 months!

I’ve trained with other instructors but with Mantahaa my transformation has been phenomenal.”

– Faiza Faysal

“Mantahaa’s method is energizing and I enjoy the diversity of workouts.

I’ve discovered my love for Barre, Zumba, and Dancing.”

– Onnaisa Abbasi

I was so desperate to change my lifestyle when I came to Mantahaa.

I thought no one could make me work out or lose weight yet alone. But I’m glad she proved me wrong. I’ve been eating a lot and losing weight.

I love Mantahaa for what she’s done for me.”

– Client

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