• Workout for 42-45 minutes every day. Both aerobic and anaerobic workouts. You may walk & bike in your neighborhood or simply climb the stairs.
  • Make lifestyle changes; ‘MOVE’. Clean your house and gardens.
  • Drink warm water.
  • Cook food at home. Try your hands on different recipes.
  • Use natural ingredients for face masks, scents, hair products & candles.
  • Act! Sanitize, disinfect, keep hygiene and wash your hands.
  • Meditate. Connect with your spiritual self. Inhale using your diaphragm. Hold your breath for 3 seconds & then exhale.
  • Add oranges, strawberries & Kiwis to your diet; they are a great source of Vitamin C.
  • Create & reflect
  • Change the direction for business & personal matters.
  • Connect with your family.
  • Take one day at a time.


  • Perform high intensity workout routines. 
  • Stop meditating.
  • Order food from outside.
  • Use chemicals on your skin or additives/ preservatives in your food.
  • Stop moving.
  • Stress. It will exhaust you.
  • Listen to negative comments or deal with negativity.
  • Over think. You are not alone in this.
  • Have cold drinks, fizzy drinks.
  • Forget the rest of your body. Germs do not only stick to your hands.
  • Increase vitamin C solvent tablet dosage.


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