Don’t Forget The Person You Should Love The Most

Hi everyone,

I know it’s Valentine’s Day and everyone is rushing to do something special for their significant other; whether it’s a boyfriend, fiance, husband, friends (yes, Galentine’s Day is also a thing) or your furry friends. But let’s not forget the one person you should love the most: yourself.

So whether you are in a relationship, married, in a complicated relationship/marriage, single and ready to mingle or single and not ready to mingle, you should definitely take some time out for yourself today and every day.

Here are my top tips for you especially for Valentine’s Day and some recommendations if you live in Karachi:

  1. Pamper yourself! Take a hot bath, spend some time in a sauna or a jacuzzi, get a massage or spoil yourself with a mani/pedi. My personal favourite for a relaxing massage is Rozina Lakdawala. For pedicures and manicures, I go to Studio 9 and for blow drys, there’s nothing like what you get at Nabila’s.
  2. You can also relax at home with a book, a movie or some music. I’m reading Perfectly Imperfect by Candi Williams these days and it’s a complete joy.
  3. Connect with friends and family. You don’t have to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Reach out to someone you care about and make plans to do something fun together. Go with your friends to Evergreen and try their Mediterranean Salad or Laksa Soup.
  4. Celebrate self-love. Valentine’s Day is a great time to focus on self-care. Do something special for yourself, like buying yourself a gift or taking time to practice a hobby you enjoy. Yes, buy that red dress that you saw in the window display or that red suede bag. Watch this video on self-love I posted earlier on YouTube.
  5. Get creative. Make the day special by trying something new. Learn a new recipe, write a poem, or try a yoga class. In fact, join a yoga class with me and we’ll listen to Adele’s songs. You can get in touch with my team at and they’ll handle the rest.

Whatever you choose, remember to have a great day and never forget to love yourself.



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